look closely for me surfing!!! (hint hint: keep your eyes open from the 0:20 to 0:30 mark)

Surf Camp is Heaps Sick, Aye?!

I stole that title from the blackboard at Surf Camp because it pretty much sums up the weekend, which consisted of six hours of surf lessons, massive amounts of food, the most awkward looking sunburns known to man, and finally some gorgeous weather after a week of rain. I think what most people were not expecting was that although “camp” is in the title, it really was just like summer camp. There were six of us to a cabin and public bathrooms for about 70 people. The wake up call on Saturday was 7am and we were all in our wetsuits and on Seven Mile Beach (in the little coastal town of Gerringong) by 8:30, practicing our paddling skills and how to stand up on the sand before we hit the water. Then, we were left to our own devices. Let’s just say my face got real up close and personal with the salt water and the sand. Saturday was not so successful BUT by Sunday I was standing up the majority of the time and I cut down my nosedive quota from 20 to 10. The instructors said that the hardest part would be standing up on the surf board, but in my opinion it was figuring out the best time to paddle and being able to catch the wave just at the right moment so the board was stable enough to stand on. Now all I want to do is go next weekend. 

Things I Learned at Surf Camp

1. No matter how much sunblock you wear, you will get red gloves and a nice looking neck tan.

2. When the instructor says “this time you’ll stand up and we’ll get it on camera!” it’s not always true. 

3. Two sandwiches are better than one.

4. Wetsuits never dry. 

5. I want my own surf board. 

Makin’ Moves in Sydney: Has it been a week, or a month?

It’s been exactly 10 days since I arrived in Sydney, and what better way to celebrate than to finally get off my lazy bum and start my blog?! Although blogging involves sitting down so that doesn’t really make sense (it’s 1 AM). ANYWAY, the reason this has taken so long is because I’ve barely had time to sit and reflect and write and upload pictures onto my computer because I’ve been spending what feels like a month soaking up as much of this eccentric, unique, beautiful city as possible. For anyone who has the chance to come and see Australia, it is well worth the 14+ hour trip (which goes by surprisingly fast with a little sleep and six episodes of Modern Family). SO MUCH has happened in the past week and a half that it’s going to be hard to sum it all up in a few paragraphs but here goes nothin’. 

The first few days here we had orientation which included lots of meetings, lots of free food and beer, lots of picture taking, and lots of money spent. But here are the fun (and most important) parts:

-the first night we had free tapas and drinks at a local bar to celebrate making it to Sydney in one piece and managing to stay awake the entire day. The shower was the best part of that day.

-Friday night we were all treated to a cruise in Sydney Harbour complete with dinner and gorgeous views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and many prospects for my future waterfront home when I’m a millionaire.

-We all participated in the Drop Bear Cup on Saturday: a scavenger hunt around the city  that involved making it to various checkpoints (Opera House, the Rocks, Taylor Square, etc.) and taking pictures in front of some landmarks for extra points, as well as answering Aussie trivia questions with the help of locals on the street. It downpoured the entire day and it was still awesome. 

-As Sunday is the day of rest we did the most logical thing: went to the beach. Bronte Beach to be exact. The water was turquoise. There was sand AND grass for those of us who need shady places to lay and picnic. There were rocks that created waterfalls when the waves crashed against them. It was a little piece of paradise. 

-Monday I had my first Australian Cinema class and we watched Australia because, what else would we watch on the first day? But Tuesday’s movie involved Geoffrey Rush playing a priest, whilst in a musical about aboriginals. ‘Nuff said. 

-We’re skipping ahead to Thursday because it was AUSTRALIA DAY, a magical day that far surpasses Fourth of July. I wore my green and gold all day and walked all over Sydney from Hyde Park to the Opera House to the Rocks and back a couple times with friends, enjoying all the live music, eating lots of food, and taking more pictures. The fireworks display at night was half an hour and was choreographed to music by the Cat Empire, complete with bursts of flames and lasers. Let’s just say I want to be here for Australia Day every year.

AND, that brings us full circle to today! And in 6 hours I’ll be getting up to go to the Blue Mountains for another busy but memorable day. Until next time (I promise, will be in the next couple of days), here are some fun facts until the next recap:


1) Geoffrey Rush was voted the Australian of the year. Captain Barbossa is a badass. 

2) Vegemite is not completely repulsive if you eat it by adding a thin layer to buttered toast. It does not look like the delicious nutella they used as a prop in the Mary Kate and Ashley movie, Our Lips Are Sealed.

3) I dropped $24 lasagna into the Harbour on Australia Day.

4) the Italians are the largest immigrant group in the country, which explains why there is a gelato shop on almost every corner.

5) the blog title actually has a meaning in Aussie slang :)

6) the next blog post will have pictures!!!